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Maker of Monsters

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Ray Harryhausen

If you’ve ever seen UFOs dive-bombing screaming citizens, an octopus the size of a city block slime its way up the Brooklyn Bridge, or stood by while skeletons engaged in sword fights with humans, then you know the work of special effects film wizard, Ray Harryhausen.

Turning 90 on June 29, 2010 (man, that’s a solid run), Ray’s groundbreaking work in Dynamation, a pioneering form of stop-motion and matte photography, he breathed life into everything from Mighty Joe Young (1949) and The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1952), to Earth Vs. The Flying Saucers (1956) and Clash of the Titans (1981). Ray is to film special effects what Jaques Cousteau was to scuba gear. And he did it all WITHOUT computers. Or a smart phone.

Inspired by Willis O’Brien’s stop-motion work on King Kong (1933), Ray took the animation techniques to the extreme and invented Dynamation, a word that wasn’t even in the dictionary until he thought it up. (All the new words I think up are not suitable for print.) Here’s how Dynamation works (as copied from Ray’s website):

“For many years Ray had had an idea that would allow the live action to be “split’” so enabling a model to be inserted directly into the action and appear to interact with the actors.”

“As far back as 1938/39 he had experimented with mattes for his production Evolution of the World and realized that if an area is matted out then why couldn’t two areas be matted out to create what was known as a split-screen.”


“The process was simple but very effective. He projected a live action image onto a rear screen in front of which was placed the animation table with the model. He would then place a glass sheet in front of both. When the live action plate had been shot Ray would establish where he wanted to make his matte line and so by looking through the camera viewfinder he would re-establish that line and with a wax pencil on the end of a stick, follow that line by drawing it on the glass.”

“When he was satisfied that the line was accurate he would then paint out, with black matt paint, the lower section, below the line. He would then photograph the animation of the model reacting to the live action on the plate. Afterwards Ray would then create a second pass in the camera to reinstate the lower previously matted out section so creating a combined image of the creature seemingly as part of the live action.”


The term Dynamation is legendary itself, taking the name from the word “Dynaflow” off a Buick dashboard while bored and stuck in traffic. (Good thing he wasn’t sitting on a bus, or we’d probably have something like Mass Transit-View or Bus-O-Vision.

And to think he did it all with miniature models, clay and a serious amount of patience. Happy Birthday, Ray – computers suck…you don’t!

Book of 1000 Deaths

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Book of 1000 Deaths

You’d think a Book of 1000 Deaths would have more pages. An indie horror anthology featuring four stories and the 24 year-old dipped-in-ink porn amateur Misti Dawn (I bet that’s not her real name) as the Lila the Legend Teller (groan), Book of 1000 Deaths looks better on the surface than it does under the cover(s).

In The Clown Statue, a baby-sitter is targeted by a serial killer dressed up as a clown of all things. That’s just wrong as clowns are supposed to bring joy and happiness to the world. Killer clowns are SO not cool. (Quit yawning, there’s three more stories to go.)

Kidney Jacking is pretty much what it sounds like. A girl finds her boyfriend in bed with someone not herself, and goes to a bar and lets some other dude take her home because this shore up her poor self-esteem. She wakes up the next morning on the ultimate wet spot – an ice-filled bathtub. The kicker: her kidneys are missing. (I bet she left ’em in the bar along with her cell phone right before alcohol worked its rational magic.)

Book of 1000 Deaths

Bloody Mary involves six 20-nothings who invoke the legendary witch. They accomplish this by first drinking cups of refreshing adult beverages and then playing the game, which is pretty darn similar to how you’d drunk dial Candyman. They’re successful and Bloody Mary appears to kill them all and… Wait – come back! There’s one more…

The Man, The Myth The Legend is about two guys. Vince is highly successful with the ladies. Nate just got kicked to the curb by his girlfriend. Going to a party, Vince thinks he’ll be the real lady killer tonight. Not so fast, Romeo – Briggs, the real lady killer, just showed up. So, like, run Vince, run.

In-between all this crotch-gripping horror, Lila the Legend Teller pops up to to make joke-y comments on the killings. (Did Elvira give you permission to do this?) Book of 1000 Deaths comes up 996 short, so I’m thinking false advertising.

Hey, Misti/Lila/whoever you are – don’t quit your day job. Whatever that is.

Dude, Killer Waves

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Despite its delicious name, Haeundae-gu is not an ethnic dessert dish. Rather, it’s a massively popular beach located on the southeastern tip of the Korean Peninsula in the city of Busan. I’m visibly shocked you did not know that. So popular is this beach, it draws over one million visitors every year. So why not have a monster tidal wave slam into it while everyone’s there? Works for me!


Billed as South Korea’s first disaster film, Haeundae (aka, Tidal Wave), is making a big splash (sorry) here in the States for its realistic depiction of wholesale destruction. While deep sea fishing, a guy lost his girlfriend’s father to a 2004 earthquake in the Indian Ocean. (I bet he wasn’t wearing a life-preserver. Those things are there for a reason, people.)

This somehow ties into the ocean making the same fidgeting maneuvers it did all those years ago. These rumbling cause a mega-tsunami that’s heading towards Haeundae at over 500 m.p.h. All of a sudden, sunblock doesn’t seem so important.


Great movie posters for this epic deconstruction. I particularly like the seagulls flying high above the monster tidal wave, as if hoping for some food scraps to float up after the entire city is flooded. This, I feel, is a realistic portrayal of the modern seagull’s struggle to survive.

Haeundae came out in July of 2009, but it’s just now bubbling to the surface (sorry) in places like™, Blockbuster™ and Netflix™. That it coincides with this summer’s beach-y fun, makes it timely and timeless.


Destroy All Planets…Today If Possible

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Destroy All Planets

OK, this one managed to slip under the radar. Not surprised given who released this tasty piece of public domain property and why.

Destroy All Planets 2010 (aka, Gamera Vs. Viras, 1968) was released with no fanfare on June 21, 2010, by Retromedia, the company run by Fred Olen Ray. The same Fred Olen Ray who has been making B-movie horror/sci-fi/cheesecake flicks since 1978 and has directed over 100 films, including The Brain Leeches (1980), Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988), Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfolds (1995), and Billy Frankenstein (1998). Just so you understand where Fred’s leeched brain is at, eight of his movies have the word “bikini” in the title, including the upcoming Shakespearean-esque Bikini Frankenstein (2010).

So Fred sees the success Shout! Factory had with the recent re-release of Gamera: The Giant Monster, took a look at their roll-out of all Gamera movies, and got in on the action himself by chopping SF’s beef and rushing Destroy All Planets before they could. Greasy, yet shrewd.

While I’m gonna wait for the Shout! Factory version, here’s what you get in this package, which is manufactured-on-demand, by the way. (Recorded onto a DVD-R when an order comes in. Weak.)

From Retromedia’s press release: “We’ve transferred an original 16mm AIP-TV print and color corrected it two times to produce the best version of this film available. This Special Edition contains the commentary track by American star, Carl Craig.

Cool, and yet not. Gamera Vs. Viras has been quagmired in copyright hell since its release, allowing for such exploitative opportunity (i.e., re-naming it Destroy All Planets 2010 as a dis to Godzilla’s Destroy All Monsters, 1968).

Regardless, if you’re looking for a prescription-free head trip under $20, watch this movie and behold the alien’s bumble bee beach ball space ship, giant turtle Gamera’s butt flames, boy scout-commandeered submarines, and Viras, a super-sized parrot/squid monster that looks more like an Andy Warhol party favor than a creature from outer space. It’s better than drugs.

Gamera Vs. Viras

Faces of Schlock

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Faces of Schlock

Faces of Schlock, a collection of four grindhouse-styled horror shorts, has a great marketing line, calling it the “Boobs and Blood Edition.” And I ask, who doesn’t like either? An anthology of underground films from even further underground filmmakers, there is definitely boobs and blood. Lots, actually. Here’s what you get…

Abandoned by her family on Christmas Eve, a delinquent teenage girl is sucked into a frenzied spree of sex, murder and mayhem. Directed by Henrique Couto, starring Ruby LaRocca (The Lost, Lord of the G-Strings) and Sandy Behre.

The night shift at an old movie theater becomes a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse when the ghost of a suicide haunts the Century-old building. Directed by Justin Channell, starring Josh Lively, Zane Crosby and TJ Rogers.

When malpractice results in the loss of a beautiful young dancer’s foot, she reanimates the appendage by black magic for a horrifying revenge. Directed by Chris LaMartina, starring George Stover (John Waters’ Hairspray) and Sara Cole.

Obsessed with revenge, a young woman uses occult powers to summon a 17th Century witch to perform diabolical deeds. Directed by Andrew Shearer, starring Monica Puller and Countess Samela.

Faces of Schlock is low-budget stuff, but you knew that. What you didn’t know is that it’s a burst vein of wicked humor, clever dialogue, and lots of goofy gore and…BOOBIES! Oh, and blood.

Here’s tech stuff for those needing more than just boobies (not me – daddy’s home):

Faces Of Schlock Feature: 105 minutes TRT: 208 minutes
Audio Commentary
Behind the Scenes Featurettes: 22 minutes
Outtakes and Bloopers: 20 minutes
World Premiere Featurette: 25 minutes
Cinema Wasteland 2009 Featurette: 30 minutes
Schlock Rock Music Video featuring Jasper the Colossal: 3 minutes
Official Trailer: 3 minutes
Website bonus material

STREET DATE: September 21, 2010
UPC: 878746010191
RUN TIME: Features: Feature: 105 MIN, TRT: 208 MIN
ASPECT RATIO 16 x9 anamorphic
AUDIO: 2.0 Stereo
SRP $14.98

20th Century Boys: Extreme Sci-Fi

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20th Century Boys

If you thought Avatar was like eating mushrooms and putting your brain in a public toilet and flushing it 80 times (in a sort of nice way), then you’ll love Japan’s 20th Century Boys: The Complete Saga, just released on DVD as a four-disc box set from 4Digital Media. Mind you, it’s only available in Japan and the UK right now. But if you have overseas Facebook™ friends who could send it to you, you’re in luck. (You do know all your Facebook™ “friends,” don’t you?)

20th Century Boys

You may not know the name or even how to pronounce it, but Naoki Urasawa is the guy behind the immensely popular 20th Century Boys manga (Japanese comics), and illustrated it from 1999 to 2007. And at no point did he kiss a girl during that time. (Just kidding. His mom counts.)

The epic story spans five decades and involves so much cool and complicated stuff, I can only say that for someone to make a movie series out of it either had to have been on drugs, or has the powers of Jesus at his disposal. In fact, 20th Century Boys was deemed un-filmmable due to the expansive/expensive scope of the material. Don’t believe me? Then screw you! Uh, I mean, check out the pictures.

20th Century Boys

So popular is this series, the printed versions alone have sold over 25 million copies and has been translated for 13 countries; Holland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand and the United States. Yep, no England in there. Yet. But hang on to your malt vinegar as its coming. As soon as everyone in England washes their hands.

A press quote from the movie’s website:
“It’s like making a movie out of the Holy Bible!” describes director Tsutsumi on his monstrous undertaking. “The half-a-century long saga of 20th Century Boys with hundreds of characters is beyond any conventional manga. It’s the kind of manga that you can’t put down until you’ve finished it. From the early stages of production, Naoki Urasawa, the creator of the original manga, helped supervise the whole story and co-write the first movie, giving a different twist to the trilogy.”

So here’s the deal: You can wait ’til the entire box set comes available on, or get the individual DVDs right now (I just checked – they have volumes 1 through 3): 20th Century Boys 1: Beginning of the End (2009), 20th Century Boys 2: The Last Hope (2010), and 20th Century Boys 3: Redemption (2010). They’ll run you anywhere from $20 to $23 future clams each. Or you can blow your entire life wad and get the complete anime series, of which there are double-digit installments.

Buy the box set, take a week off from work, and watch it start to finish. Jesus would want you to.

Sleazy ’70s Sci-Fi

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Sleazy Sci-Fi

Three grindhouse era sci-fi (ahem) movies, designed for the discriminating gentleman (or woman). You need to see these movies to put your life into perspective. Over and over. Here’s what this disc features in all its uncensored glory…

2069: A Space Odyssey – Five sexy astronauts from the all-female planet Venus invade a town nestled at the foot of the Alps. Their mission: Seduce enough Earth-men to continue their race for another 10,000 years! (I love this plot as it has everything from clothes-hating alien chicks to international intrigue. What’s not to like?)

Invasion of the Bee Girls – While investigating a series of mysterious deaths, an agent for the US State Department discovers a secret facility designed to turn women into deadly “Bee Girls!” Campy, outrageous and filled with gratuitous nudity, Invasion of the Bee Girls is pure smutty fun from beginning to end. (They had me at gratuitous nudity.)

Dr. Dildo’s Secret – Obsessed with the desire to create a perfect woman, a mad scientist grows facsimiles in his basement – and breathes them into life through sex! (Best. Plot. Ever.)

This classic collection was released June 15 (2010 in case you needed closure) and will set you back twenty bones and… Um, let’s just call it $19.98 and some change. Feel free to watch it alone. You know, for relaxation purposes. Cough. Find it online – right now before you overthink it – at Plan on spending a few more bucks as they have a ton of this kind of quality entertainment available for relaxation purposes.


Zombie Day at the Mall

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Zombie Day

If you’ve ever been in a shopping mall overrun by zombies, then this poster is pretty darn funny. I never thought you could have something with the word “zombie” on it and not show steaming guts and brains and stink gunk. But it looks as though I’ll have to eat my words like fresh flesh.

You can buy this 11″x17″ color poster (and the one below) for $6.95. Just go to and click thru to the check-out page. While you’re there, explore the site as it’s an homage to all things living dead: books, clothing, games, movies, events, news, humor… If it has anything to do with zombies, they’re on it.

Here’s how Buy Zombie describe themselves: “Started in 2007, Buy Zombie is a site for Zombie Fans. While we started as an ever-growing database of everything Zombie related you can buy or do on the Internet it has since grown to be a hub for zombie news, media, reviews, and announcements! As time goes on we hope continue to have a complete Zombie Product database, keep you up to date on the undead happenings, as well as more features for you all to enjoy.”

And you thought zombies were just brainless brain eaters. Go to your room and think about that.

Zombie Kill

Elvira Returns

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The rumors are true – Elvira, the well-rounded hostess of the legendary Movie Macabre, is returning to regularly scheduled television this Fall. As posted on her MySpace™ page: Elvira’s Movie Macabre makes its return to TV with all NEW episodes. All dates, times, and channels are TBA later this summer. The show is syndicated (national), so times & channels will depend on your area/market.

For those too young to remember, Elvira’s Movie Macabre aired on cable TV, beginning back in the pre-New Wave era of 1981. A horror movie hostess, she brought us tons of brilliantly cheesy horror movies, embellished with pop-up comments, comedy bits, Valley Girl speak, and that Grand Canyon cleavage that made her a global pop culture icon. Elvira went on to star in two movies – Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (1988) and Elvira’s Haunted Hills (2001) – and fronts a highly successful line of merch, which includes DVDs and stain-proof posters.


If it goes well, she could reclaim her title and be busting out with new fans and… I’m SO gonna be busted by my mom.

The Exorcist on Blu-Ray™

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The Exorcist

Ever wondered what it’d be like to see devil vomit in hi-definition? Yeah, me, too. Now we all can on October 5, 2010 when Warner Bros. Home Video releases the definitive The Exorcist on Blu-Ry™, complete with a 40-page booklet, tons of extras/bonus material and a “heat ’n eat” bag of vomit. OK, not that last one.

Here’s what you’ll get in exchange for cash or credit:

Disc 1: – Extended Director’s Cut (2000) plus Special Features
Commentary by William Friedkin
Raising Hell: Filming the Exorcist – set footage produced and photographed by Owen Roizman, camera and makeup tests, and interviews with director William Friedkin, actress Linda Blair, author/screenwriter/producer William Peter Blatty and Owen Roizman (new; Blu-ray exclusive)
The Exorcist Locations: Georgetown Then and Now – Featuring a tour of the iconic locations where the film was shot (new; Blu-ray exclusive)
Faces of Evil: The Different Versions of The Exorcist – with director William Friedkin and author/screenwriter/producer William Peter Blatty discussing the different versions of the film and featuring outtakes from the film (new; Blu-ray exclusive)
Trailers, TV spots & radio spots from the film’s 2000 release

Disc 2 – Theatrical Cut (1973) plus Special Features
Introduction by William Friedkin
William Friedkin
William Peter Blatty with Special Sound Effects Tests
The Fear of God: 25 Years of The Exorcist [1998 BBC documentary]
Additional interviews with William Friedkin and William Peter Blatty:
The Original Cut
Stairway to Heaven
The Final Reckoning
Original ending
Sketches & storyboards
Trailers & TV spots from the 1973 version

There’s lots more, including the infamous 12 minutes director William Friedkin took out of the 1973 version. Says Sir Friedkin,“With technical advances, scenes that didn’t work then could now be fixed with CGI and there were others that I thought strengthened the spiritual aspect of the film. Warner agreed and released a whole new theatrical print in 2000 which we called The Exorcist: The Version You’ve Never Seen. And I now agree with that this is the best and most complete version.”

You don’t have a choice but to buy this DVD – the power of Christ compels you.